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Jennifer Toal

Chief Executive Officer

driasi is led by Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Toal.  Ms. Toal joined the company in 2009 as Vice President, Client Services for the Canadian affiliate, drias International, and was promoted to Executive Vice President and General Manager in 2010.  Ms. Toal subsequently served both driasi and drias International as President, Canadian Operations and Managing Director of North American Client Services.  Before joining the Company, Jennifer held leadership roles in the insurance, financial services and business process outsourcing industries. 

Scott Allison

Executive Vice President

Scott Allison has been with driasi since its inception in 1982.  At that time he worked with driasi’s shareholders as they built their direct response business.  As their business grew and driasi became an independent entity, Mr. Allison took over the role of Systems Developer for the newly founded driasi.  He has guided the development of technology within the company since that time, and currently oversees the technology development, computer operations, program management, and print fulfillment teams. 

Dave Kaldor

Chief Financial Officer / Executive Vice President

Dave Kaldor joined driasi in 2002 as Controller and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in December of 2003.  Mr. Kaldor is also driasi's security officer, and currently oversees operations in the finance, contact center, processing center and claims functional areas.