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Identity Breach Remediation Case Study

Business Need/Challenge:   To provide a major corporate client with the administrative services necessary for remediating identity and personal information breaches, and to include credit monitoring as part of the undertaking.

Our Answer:  driasi leveraged its collective capabilities to swiftly add a comprehensive identity breach resolution program - one capable of managing breaches large and small - to its core suite of business services.  

The Result:  Within a year driasi became the preferred provider for one of the largest identity breach resolution firms in the country, and has since provided its services to tens of millions of individuals across the country.

driasi is the preferred provider for this industry leader because:

  • We know what to expect, how to plan for it, and we have built program-spanning flexibility into our breach remediation protocols
  • We have the people and technological resources to scale according to breach size literally overnight
  • We are fully mobilized within hours of notification to take calls, process applications, etc.

Details of an Actual Case:  driasi was contracted to be responsible for call center and credit authorization functions for a sensitive multi-million-person breach according to an aggressive timeline.

By the numbers:

  • 50% increase in driasi's Contact Center staff
  • 4,714,185 affected individuals were loaded onto driasi's Breach Event Management System
  • 30,000 credit authorization forms processed within contracted service levels
  • .02% error rate on audited authorization forms
  • 65,000+ calls answered
  • Met or exceeded service level standards for Average Speed of Answer and Abandon Rate