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Message to driasi Employees, from the CEO

Rarely is the importance of freedom and democracy more clear than on Remembrance Day across the Commonwealth and Veterans' Day in the US.  Over the past few days, I've spoken with quite a few of you regarding your concerns about the outcome of this week's US presidential election.  I understand and share in these apprehensions, as do so many across the free world. Given that we have witnessed the most contentious US presidential election campaign ever, many of us would have felt this concern, regardless of the outcome.  However, it is essential that we remember the promise of democracy is to give people the right to choose their leaders, and that the peaceful transition of power is a cornerstone of our free world heritage.

So what can we do now? We can all become more involved in our communities, and by supporting important issues in a way that reflects our values, we will produce better future candidates for public office at all levels.  driasi  has worked to cultivate a diverse culture of inclusiveness and we will continue to forge ahead in the knowledge that we have a strong foundation built upon shared values. We must continue to uphold these values as a company and as individuals, irrespective of any potential changes to US government policy.

Finally, it may indeed take some time but let's not dwell on what has happened, and on that which we cannot change.  Let's not allow our memories to be greater than our dreams. Our focus should now turn to the future and on the productive contributions that we will make as an organization and as individuals.

Jennifer Toal

Chief Executive Officer