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Message from the CEO

I am pleased to share this message with you as we reflect on the significant strides made throughout the first three quarters of the year. We set out with ambitious plans and I am delighted to report that we are on pace to exceed our financial and business goals for 2016.

We have made significant strides in all areas, most notably with the implementation of our next generation technology platform. The private cloud infrastructure addresses our increasingly compliance-focused operating environment and best supports our new web-based administration software. With the addition of new marketing capabilities, real-time payment processing and actuarial valuation tools, our evolution ensures that we continue to be an industry leading, full spectrum business partner to our clients.

With eager anticipation, next year and thereafter will see us continue to build on and enhance our customer-centric approach to serving our clients and their customers, while expanding our focus to include new markets.

Finally, and most importantly, I thank you for your enduring support and for your business. Without question, you are at the very core of our success.

All the best,

Jennifer Toal

Chief Executive Officer